Vasily Diaghilev, Head of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and CIS, talks about the main achievements of the company in our new reality. Over the past year and a half, life around us has changed a lot. In 2020, many companies have been trying to figure out what to do in the face of a pandemic, remoteness, and mass uncertainty. Everyone was thinking about

Everyone was thinking about how we would work, whether we needed offices or remote workstations.

A year later, all of these questions are gone — but new ones have emerged as many workflows move to a hybrid format. And I think that's how we're going to live and work. Recently, we conducted a study of 450 IT and information security professionals: we wanted to understand how the impact of the pandemic on IT strategies and security of companies. 45% of respondents noted that switching to remote operation still increases the number of risks for the organization. 70% of respondents reported that when connecting remote access, the most important thing is to protect applications from attacks and zero-day threats. At the same time, at the end of June, the team of our research unit Check Point Research recorded that the number of attacks on Russian companies from January to May 2021 increased by 69% compared to the same period last year.

Cybersecurity is really now in the epicenter of business: many owners and top management have only recently realized its importance and necessity for the stability of business processes. According to our research, the most serious increase in the number of attacks was reported by representatives of the financial (54%), utilities (52%) and manufacturing (47%) sectors. Look at the latest leading summits of the planet. One of the main topics is cybersecurity. This area, this market is now very actively developing. Research and the results of Check Point Software prove this.

Main figures

Today, Check Point Software continues to grow at the same rate we grew before the pandemic: de facto, nothing has changed in our business. Successfully taking into account the situation on the market – import substitution, mandatory certification, etc. – we continue to develop step by step.

In Russia, we are growing at a double-digit rate. Over the past year, we have seen an explosive growth in demand for our professional services. Our team consists of two engineers who are engaged in their implementation on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Now we are looking for two more: despite the fact that the second engineer appeared only at the beginning of the year, 99% of his working days are scheduled until the end of 2021. Our consultants-engineers "live" with the customer, if necessary, help with the implementation and operation of our equipment. We have significantly increased our presence in the CIS: we have a representative office in the Republic of Belarus.

Obtaining FSTEC certification and opening its own production in St. Petersburg.

This year, the Check Point Software team made something unique in the Russian market. We are the only foreign manufacturer today whose solutions have been certified by FSTEC according to the requirements for the fourth level of trust in technical information security tools. Moreover, we are the only manufacturer of foreign protective equipment that manufactures these firewalls in our production in St. Petersburg. They come out with the sign "Made in Russia". From January 1 of this year, the entire certified line is produced only on the territory of the Russian Federation. These are very important changes that we have made, adjusting to the requirements of the market. The next planned step for us is to join the registers of Russian manufacturers of software and hardware.

Partnership with Yandex.Cloud

Massive remote work has forced many organizations to move to cloud storage. According to the Check Point Cyber Security Report 2021, in 2020, companies due to the pandemic did what was planned to be done within five years, while the security of environments hosted in public clouds was still a very serious problem for 75% of companies.

This year we launched a project with Yandex.Cloud. Now you can subscribe to buy our products directly in the Yandex cloud. This makes it possible for the first time in Russia for all users of the cloud infrastructure of Yandex to get international security.

Check Point Software's Flagship Products and Technologies

Quantum, Harmony, Cloud Guard, and Infinity are the four words that define what Check Point is made of now. This is the pool of products and technologies that we present today and which approximately 97% covers the needs of any customer - from the largest to digital-born.

According to our survey of 450 IT and INFORMATION professionals, the three main challenges that information security professionals now face are scaling performance (46% of respondents noting this), solving privacy and storage problems (42%), and supporting remote access from a wide variety of personal devices of employees (40%). To do this, we have technologies and solutions for all segments of the IT infrastructure. This is the protection of networks, cloud technologies, as well as the protection of users and their access.

We were well known in the remote access market in narrow circles – but now we want to highlight our presence in it more actively.

Check Point Quantum

Check Point Quantum Network Security provides scalable protection against advanced fifth-generation (Gen V) attacks on the network, cloud, data centers, the Internet of Things and remote users. Check Point Quantum Next Generation security gateways combine zero-day threat protection, SandBlast, hyperscale networking, unified management platform, VPN for remote access, and IoT security.

To date, the entire line of new uplines is presented: from the smallest and most secure to Maestro-level solutions. Check Point has also released hardware platform updates for the entire range of security gateways, the Maestro orchestrator, as well as for the Smart-1 device for centralized management of Check Point solutions. For any task of protecting data centers, perimeter, offices, we have a solution.

Check Point Harmony

As we say, it is important to live in harmony with users. The company has done a tremendous job integrating both endpoint protection and remote access protection into our product ecosystem. Now we can offer a full range of features: from simple tasks to protect workstations to the organization of large distributed workgroups. Check Point Software is still a leader in secure mobile home workplace solutions. We understand that in quarantine, the workplace was both a phone and a children's tablet, whatever..

Check Point Cloud Guard

The cloud ecosystem we solve in Check Point is quite simple. We don't want to distinguish between how we protect your cloud resources, infrastructure, and on-premise resources and infrastructure. For us, it's the same thing: as they say, any cloud is just someone else's computer. Our task is to integrate all the solutions that are now in the ecosystem, to solve the main security problems.

It's taking into account what you have, controlling how it's set up, and directly the defense techniques that can be used to protect against point threats.

Check Point Infinity

Today we offer a unique option that other companies operating in our segment do not have. We have the option to purchase Check Point solutions by subscription. Infinity is a way of selling our products where the customer simply determines the cost of the workplace and gets all the Check Point Software Technologies within what they use. All this within a single consumption model, payment varies.

This is a classic subscription model. I know a lot of people are pretty skeptical about it. But now it's July, in Moscow for the third week the heat is kept and for a week I listen every morning on the way to work in the car that now even air conditioners can be bought by subscription. The consumption system, when you pay for some things in installments, entered our lives irrevocably. The same ideology has penetrated the brain of financiers and managers of companies quite strongly. Managers are now very jealous of serious investments, which will lie conditional "bricks" and will not allow you to change the business very quickly.

Over the past year and a half, companies have realized that the main secret of survival is the ability to quickly both increase and decrease the capabilities of their network. Infinity allows you to do that. At the time when the customer uses technology, he pays for them, does not use - does not pay. Moreover, Lifecycle Management works here, where we can monitor the failure or decommissioning of equipment and replace it in a timely manner. It's the same with licenses and support. I am sincerely convinced that now information security is the most interesting industry for technical specialists. Even in IT, it is no longer so interesting, although there are many trends, many opportunities for development and, it would seem, the same clouds and containers. But security is something that will develop much faster in the next few years.