EVERY THIRD TOURIST DON'T PROTECT THEIR DATA DURING THEIR HOLIDAYS. ESET, an international expert in information security, conducted a study on how Russians protect sensitive data on vacation, interviewing several hundred social media users.* A multivariate  survey found that 30% of respondents do not use anything to protect their smartphones while traveling. The remaining 70% are more vigilant: 

54% of respondents have set a password or fingerprint scanner on their phones, 6% use two-factor authentication and 2% of survey participants set up data encryption. Only 1 in 12 users have installed anti-virus software on their smartphone to protect personal data.

When asked about the storage of travel information, one in five respondents said that they save scans of passport, visa, insurance, tickets and hotel booking confirmation on the device. The rest of the survey participants reported that they print out important documents in advance. Probably, this is due to a somewhat careless attitude to the protection of information on a mobile device.

In general, only 23% of Russians plan a vacation this year, the rest have not yet decided (17%) or will not go anywhere (60%). ESET recommends the use of comprehensive solutions to protect personal data on mobile devices. Two-factor authentication and antivirus software will help ensure the security of the smartphone and prevent the negative consequences of cyber threats.


*The study is based on the results of a survey conducted on social networks and on the portal"WeESET"in August 2020, more than 1,600 respondents took part.

Source: https://www.esetnod32.ru/company/press/center/eset-kazhdyy-tretiy-rossiyanin-ne-zashchishchaet-svoi-dannye-vo-vremya-otpuska/