Check Point Software Technologies, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, is named for 22-times among the leaders of the Gartner magic quadrant in the Enterprise Network Firewall segment. Check Point Software is the only company that has been recognized as a leader in the segment 22 times.


"Security threats have become more sophisticated, and Check Point Software is required to continuously improve threat analysis, automate policy management, and introduce security architecture innovations such as Maestro Hyperscale. Recognized as the 22-time leader in the firewall segment confirms our vision of providing best-in-class security for dynamically changing environments," said Itai Greenberg, Vice President of Product Management at Check Point. "This event strengthens our position as a leader in providing a hybrid security architecture for data centers that enables enterprises to scale threat prevention on demand, both on-premises and in the cloud – with a single management system."

Infinity from Check Point Software is a consolidated security architecture that spans networks, clouds, remote workplaces, mobile and IoT devices, ensuring the prevention of both known and unknown cyber threats. At the heart of Check Point's threat prevention capabilities is Threatcloud, a network for collecting threat data. According to Gartner, "Check Point is an example of an innovative vendor that uses a variety of artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and NLP. Check Point is achieving excellent results in terms of combining several methods of artificial intelligence at once and their application to protection across phishing, which is particularly difficult to prevent."

Check Point Software has once again been identified as a leader thanks to several factors: an improved security architecture and an innovative roadmap. Check Point's Maestro Hyperscale security solution enables rapid cloud scaling of on-premises security gateways, intelligent organization of existing resources and redundancy, and offline threat prevention, offering administrators customizable security policies and settings based on continuous optimization; A complete portfolio of security solutions for evolving IT environments: Check Point Software has a clear security strategy with products that address the security needs of on-premises, hybrid, and IaaS environments. This end-to-end security architecture quickly manages the entire IT infrastructure: Quantum targets on-premises networks, Check Point CloudGuard for public clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.), and Harmony Connect and Check Point Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to protect remote workers; High customer satisfaction: Check Point secures more than 100,000 organizations in more than 80 countries, including 90% of the global Fortune 500.