The cyber criminals didn't have summer vacations. In August, hacker groups launched attacks against several organizations. Conti operators were more proactive in hacking into the systems of SAC Wireless, a subsidiary of Nokia in the United States. They were able to upload the stolen information to their cloud server and encrypt files in compromised systems.


EVERY THIRD TOURIST DON'T PROTECT THEIR DATA DURING THEIR HOLIDAYS. ESET, an international expert in information security, conducted a study on how Russians protect sensitive data on vacation, interviewing several hundred social media users.* A multivariate  survey found that 30% of respondents do not use anything to protect their smartphones while traveling. The remaining 70% are more vigilant: 

Vasily Diaghilev, Head of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and CIS, talks about the main achievements of the company in our new reality. Over the past year and a half, life around us has changed a lot. In 2020, many companies have been trying to figure out what to do in the face of a pandemic, remoteness, and mass uncertainty. Everyone was thinking about

The Internet is full of tips and rumors on how to organize a system of corporate protection, but often the desire to protect yourself from all sides leads to a diametrically opposite result. Roman Bogomolov, Head of Technical Expertise at Fortis, a distributor of Check Point Software Technologies, talks about five corporate security myths and what approach can truly protect the network and devices.